What’s Linda up to?

What a wild ride we are on in the world today!  For over a year now we have experienced monumental shifts in our everyday lives.  The pandemic, social injustice, civil unrest, the economy – you name it.  Almost every facet and system in our current life experience is being challenged.  At the same time, we have had the opportunity to withdraw from the usual busyness.

Personally, I am grateful for the time I have had to listen to Inner Guidance, and to reflect on what gives meaning and purpose to life.  This unique time has revealed, in rather synchronistic ways, my next step.

What usually happens when a shift is about to occur is that I get a vision.  I do  not have details, but the image and feeling of the vision is strong.  An example is when I received the vision and impulse to create what turned out to be A Community of Transformation (ACT).  This happened a couple of years before it manifested.  I had no clue as to how to bring that impression into this reality. When ACT came into existence as a non-profit organization, I was in awe of the way it unfolded and marveled at the way it was serving the community.  It has been actively growing and evolving over two decades now.

Another example is a time when a vision came to me of a book title – Circular Leadership. I thought it; I felt it; and I knew it was important. However, I had no idea the outcome would be a collaborative book based on individual experiences of people who had been part of the ACT Governing Board.

I will always remember sharing my vision of the anthology with potential co-authors in late January of 2019.  I had a deep intuitive knowing that the book was divinely guided and verbally expressed that, but I could not image how nineteen of us could meet the tight timelines that I had agreed to with our publisher. The goal was to have it published in the fall of 2019. To my delight, we met every deadline!  Additionally, we were able to have a capacity crowd for our beautiful book launch before the events of 2020 would make that impossible.

In preparing for the launch of the Circular Leadership book, I experienced another very palpable feeling of Circular Leadership becoming a global movement.  I could see the design in the geometric shape of the flower of life moving across the Earth, but to this day I do not know “how” that will happen.  I have an intuitive knowing that the pieces are lining up, yet it appears to be showing up differently than I thought it might.

An aside here – What I have learned is that I must step out of the way and allow the vision to unfold.  I do not control the details.  I do hold the vision of the outcome for the highest good for all.

Another strong image has recently emerged in my heart-solar plexus area. It has to do with using the Circular Leadership  process to overcome addictions.  I am taking one step at a time as they show up.  I recently accepted an invitation to be interviewed on Transformation Talk Radio.  The topic is on the slippery path that leads to addiction and how to sustain recovery.  This gives me an unusual combination of feelings – vulnerability and courage.  I am holding both feelings as this new vision is building within me.  My Inner Guidance is strong. I have a deep knowing that there is a new way to overcome addictions!  Could it possibly be through Visionary Empowerment Circles (VECs) using Circular Leadership?  I do not know how it is to unfold but I do know that my next step is right in front of me, and I am taking it.  It could be one way for Circular Leadership to move across the globe!