Vibrational Healing

Alchemical Attunements and Activations

AAA Healing ™

The AAA Healing Process was given to me in meditation late in 2011. It is the culmination of years of training, certifications, and experiences.  The most important component of the method I use is LOVE.  Using heart-felt vibrations and spiritually-guided energy, I transmit energetic support to the client using sacred tools and techniques where everything lines up in support of an individual’s highest good.

A session begins with opening Sacred Space.  After setting clear intentions, the focus is on identifying a block that needs to be released in order to support an individual’s goal.  Most often, the block is not known on the conscious level.  However, once identified through muscle testing, the client can almost always relate to the root cause.  Thus begins the “magic” as the issue is gently de-fused. 

After clearing the block or blocks, a second phase of the process is initiated.  Hence the multi-dimensional work begins.  The purpose of this part of the healing session is for the client to gain insight and to receive their own answers by accessing the highest aspect of their own Being.  This is facilitated through a brief guided meditation and then silence as the client travels deep into inner space.

At this point, an Attunement is given.  There is structure in giving the Attunement; however, an individual’s Spiritual Allies or Guides are a definite part of the procedure and will often add a “twist” or two.  Tools used during this segment include Vogel crystals, tuning forks, essential oils and often crystal bowls. 

The final stage of the AAA Healing™ session is Activation.  During this segment the client relaxes and allows Divine Energy to flow in to every fiber of their Being. 

In conclusion, the session is reviewed and evaluated as to insights, discoveries and movement toward the intended outcome. 

I am On Purpose when I am in a teaching/healing role.  I am passionate about personal empowerment that is aligned with the Power of Love. I feel great joy and satisfaction when I facilitate and support another’s awareness of the Truth of our Nature, which is LOVE.