Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy is about personal illumination and self transformation. Similar to the ancient science of turning lead into gold, Spiritual Alchemy uses techniques, (i.e., sound, Sacred Geometry, meditation, oils, movement, etc.) to transmute lesser light energies and vibrational frequencies such as feelings of disconnection, disillusionment, lethargy, loneliness, etc., into positive energies of joy, love, hope, faith, and more. Join in the joy of being with others as we work with ageless and innovative methods to raise both individual and group vibrational frequencies for the benefit of all.

Opportunity to Experience Dr. Christine Page

by Linda Roebuck

In 1998 I was drawn to California to take a workshop on Alternative Approaches to Mind/Body Medicine with Dr. Christine Page and Dr. Norman Shealy.  I had heard of Dr. Shealy but Dr. Page’s name was new to me. I was excited because not only was I interested in the topic but I was earning continuing education credits to maintain my counseling certification. The course was packed with rich content and I was especially struck with the breadth and depth of knowledge and meaningful experiences that Dr. Page provided.

When – in 2003, I received an announcement of a certified training program, “Navigating Your Soul’s Journey” with Dr. Page, I immediately signed up. That summer turned out to be a transformational time for me.  Wanting to share a sense of the impact Christine has had on my life, I searched for material from the two weeks I spent with her.  I found a sketch book that I had forgotten about and as I opened the pages, there were my notes and drawings.  Scanning the pages, memories and reminders flooded my entire being.  Several quotes from Dr. Page jumped out at me.  Here are a few:

  • To energetically protect ourselves, we must get rid of shame.
  • When you can love the most shameful part of yourself, then you can move to Sublime/Divine Love.
  • Your best energetic protection is your own Inner Light.Intuition is the Truth as it essentially exists in the moment.
  • The difference between being psychic and intuitive is the ability to stay present – stay in your own body.
  • Remembering that on some level we are the attracting force for people and events we meet in life should help us to detach from the drama, not deepen it!
  • We know ourselves fully when our perception is clear and in alignment with the soul.It is time to be authentic and pure rather than artificially good.

One of the exercises Christine gave us during the first week was to write a poem in five minutes.  It didn’t have to rhyme but it was to begin with the following words:  “If my soul could speak to me today, it would say …” This is a powerful activity that I highly recommend you try.  Here’s what I wrote July 13, 2003.  (I considered editing it for this article but decided to let it stand in its rough form.)

If my soul could speak to me today, it would say

You are the very heart of Love;

let Love Light shine your way.

I Am forever in your space –

assisting access of God’s Grace.

Step forth in faith to do your work;

unhalting, move ahead.

I Am within awaiting Truth – revealed and fed.

Nourish me with gratitude;

Feed me with self respect and love.

I Am forever on your side –

within, without, below, above.

At the end of the last session that summer, I asked Dr. Page if she would be willing to come to the Annapolis area to present to our community.  It has taken seven years, but that dream is coming true.  A Community of Transformation (ACT) is sponsoring Dr. Christine Page, March 20-21, 2010.  Her topic is:  Walking Boldly into Our Soul’s Destiny: Making the Most of 2012 Energy.

There are many takes on what 2012 is about.  Christine focuses on these times as being extraordinary in Earth’s history – stating that we are in a thirty-six year window of opportunity for humanity to participate in the creation of a new era of expanded consciousness.  She presents information on how to connect with and use sacred spiritual tools that assist in spiritual transformation and allow us to expand our awareness and experience ourselves as eternal beings.  Registration details, www.actannapolis.org.


A Valuable Tool

As people become more and more responsible for their own health, intuition is a critical component for obtaining and maintaining their path to well-being. Intuition is more than having gut feelings or psychic ability about something. It applies intuitive wisdom to those insights. In essence, it is an integration and synthesis of all our senses helping us to express and live what we know to be true. Most of us remember times when we followed our inner urgings and things flowed easily and other times when we regretted not heeding a message from that inner knowing.

To use intuition in assessing your own health, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Have paper and pen available. Write or state your intention. Sit comfortably and allow your body to start to relax by following your breath. Continue to release any tension in the body using the breath. Attempt to find the gaps between thoughts and enter a space of sacredness within yourself leaving judgments and expectations behind. Recall a time when you felt your heart open with a feeling of joy. Enhance that feeling by adding color, sounds, aromas, and touch to the memory. Focus on compassion for yourself, honoring the inner healer and allowing (not forcing) your higher wisdom to work.

Be present and aware. Scan your body and pay attention to what you pick up. What might your body want to say to you? Is there discomfort in any part of it? Notice the thoughts and/or signs that come to you. Write them down. Trust what you get.

Then look for synchronicities to show up such as a relevant song on the radio, a book title, a person with a message, a sign in nature, etc. Synchronicities affirm that you are on the right track. Follow up on your intuitive knowing and feel the experience of inner peace.