Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry, often referred to as the “Language of Light,” is a construct that emanates from the Sixth Dimension.  As an ancient science, Sacred Geometry is a key to understanding the way the universe is designed.  It is the study of shape and form, wave and vibration, and moving beyond our third-dimensional reality.

Awareness of Sacred Geometry leads us to find unity inside nature’s diversity.  It provides experience and understanding for consciously shaping our future.  It also accelerates the ascension process by opening our hearts through the use of symbols and models.

Geometric shapes represent manifest stages of becoming.  Working with unity and wholeness in geometry can help us know our interconnectedness with nature and one another.  Through Sacred Geometry, we can unveil the inherent proportion, balance and harmony that exist in all manifest reality – even in situations of our daily lives.

As we move toward conscious evolution, Sacred Geometry has reemerged as a tool to assist us in better understanding our place in the cosmos.  It also has the ability to balance human energy fields and can help us in accessing complex information in order to evolve and heal in many dimensions.

Sound (Seventh Dimension) generates geometry in Sixth Dimension.  For example, in meditation while visualizing the Tetrahedron, using breath, and listening to a crystal bowl or elevated music, we can actually experience, see and/or feel the fire and passion of our Higher Self.  We embody the geometry present at another level of consciousness which enables us to manifest on this Third Dimensional plane.

Sacred Geometry assists us in moving through a multidimensional doorway where we realize that all life and possibilities are
connected with one another.  As soon as we enter the experience of Unconditional Love, we have an intimate interconnection
with All That Is in creation.

Platonic Solids

Platonic solids are 3-dimensional geometric shapes that fit inside a sphere.  Each point of each shape touches the sphere that surrounds it.  The length of each side of a Platonic solid is equal to the length of each other side.  The faces are all equilateral triangles, squares, or pentagons.

The Platonic solids are building blocks of creation and aresa id to hold cosmic truths.  Each one holds the energy of one of the five elements of nature: fire, earth air, water or ether (Spirit).

The tetrahedron has four triangular faces and holds the energy of fire.

The hexahedron (cube) has six square faces and holds the energy of earth.

The octahedron has eight triangular faces and holds the  energy of air.

The icosahedron has 20 triangular faces and holds the energy of water.

The dodecahedron has 12 pentagonal faces and holts the energy of ether or Spirit.

The concept of the four classical elements in the Western tradition originates from Babylonian mythology.
The Greek classical elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Aether) date from pre-Socratic times and persisted throughout the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, deeply influencing European thought and culture.