Encountering the Mystery

Do you have your copy of the first book I’m published in? On June 21, 2016, my Best Selling collaborative book, Pebbles in the Pond, Wave 5 was published! You may review and purchase it here: www.PebblesBook.com

Who would have known back in September of 2015 that I would become a published author in June of 2016? I had always told myself, and others, that I couldn’t write. My inner critic consistently supported the belief that writing was hard and that what I had to share didn’t really matter. Why would I undertake a task that was difficult for me and couldn’t possibly make a difference in the world?

That belief system “bs” amazingly cracked ever so gently as I was gifted an opportunity to attend Christine Kloser’s Transformational Authors Breakthrough (TAB) conference in September, 2015. The Universe seemed to be clearing the way – I was astonished that my calendar was clear on those days. So, I registered for TAB with the intention of hanging out in the background with no responsibilities or expectations. However, I was literally consumed by awareness that my soul was putting out an intense call that I could not ignore, that it was time to put my story in writing and I was the one to do it – no matter what!

The old “bs” was fighting for its life. “Oh, no, not in writing! That’s too challenging. It’s overwhelming! Where can I possibly find the time, resources, etc?” On the final day of the conference, after a sleepless night of seeking Guidance and clarity, I made the commitment to ME (My Essence). I said “YES, I am going to do this”, and I turned in my application to participate in the Fifth Wave of Christine’s MasterHeart Program.

A deep sense of calm enveloped me as soon as I signed the application. I knew I had to face some of my fears, yet there was a profound sense of assurance that I was being supported and that everything I needed was being provided. My job was: (1) to hold firm to my commitment, (2) to trust in positive outcomes, and (3) to allow the “how” to show up differently than I think.

Linda and Christine-cropAfter returning home, these three tenets became my beacon and it’s a good thing. I began writing about my experiences and challenges of growing up in Hope, Arkansas. I had titled my chapter, “Hope: Good Medicine”, and it was almost finished when I had a coaching call with Christine. I was being guided by an Inner Source to change the focus of my writing to an unbelievable experience I had in the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

It was decision time. I would have to begin a new chapter if I wrote about Egypt and the submission deadline was near. In the coaching session with Christine, it became clear that I had a whole lot more energy around my experience in Egypt.Pebbles in the Pond-Wave Five_Cover_03.indd

On June 21, 2016, “Pebbles in the Pond, Wave Five”, was launched and I am still filled with gratitude and excitement! My chapter is titled, “Encountering the Mystery”. I hope you read the messages that came through in the Queen’s Chamber in the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt. They are important for these times in our world. You can access a copy at www.PebblesBook.com.

And now I’m about to publish my second book, “Circular Leadership: Together We Rise.” On November 10, 2019, we launch this new collaborative book written by 19 current and former members of our Board of Directors for the organization I founded in 2001, A Community of Transformation (ACT)!

Learn more here and follow our progress here.