Divine Feminine

What do I mean by Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine shows up as a Woman of Wholeness — Living Life Fully in awareness of, and interconnectedness with, All That Is.  She also equally expresses the Divine Masculine and is not looking outside herself for masculine energy to complete her. 

The Divine Feminine also shows up in a Man as Wholeness – a male who is whole and complete within himself and demonstrates a healthy balance of both feminine and masculine qualities. 

People who balance Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies are compassionate, understanding, strong, courageous and immensely powerful.  They emit an electro-magnetic energy that attracts others who desire to have similar qualities.  This alchemical process combines two essential elements which merge, blend, and transform into ONE.

My work with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, especially in mentoring women, encourages each to access their own personal Truth about the feminine energy they carry in this third dimensional lifetime.  The process is a “roaring” rising from deep within a woman’s being calling her to connect with that secret, sacred power she carries. 

Where is that sacred power located?  It is slightly different for each person, which is why it is imperative to (1) take time to listen to the voice within; (2) reflect on Truth being unveiled; and, (3) Become the Knowing, which emanates directly from the Source of our Essence.  My role is to lovingly support each woman or man in finding and accessing that secret place.

Linda’s Thoughts

Too often I have given my power away!   Carrying fears and warnings that came from societal conditioning, I have played small, hidden my Light, and acquiesced to others’ demands when I did not feel it was right for me.  I was programmed as a “pleaser” early on, which promoted a sense of not being good enough or worthy enough to have what I wanted.  I shrank and concealed my deepest desires so that I would fit in and be liked. 

Early on I was aware of, and afraid of, the feminine energy I carried.  It seemed to attract energies that I did not know how to handle and still stay “acceptable” in this world – this third dimensional existence.  With all of the baggage I carried, and hid, I was a perfect target to be used, abused, ignored and hurt. 

I always wanted to be the “good girl” but life presented me with an experience of another perspective.  When I was fourteen, I experienced a rape.  It was a date rape.  I couldn’t believe what was happening to me that night.  No one could hear me screaming and crying on a dark, country road in Arkansas.  The person committing the act was only intent in getting what he wanted.  The message that became deeply lodged in my psyche was that “what I want doesn’t matter.  I must hide what has happened since it was a ‘sin’ and I wasn’t able to stop it”.

This is not the place to go into details of the experience; however, I am writing a book, mostly for myself, in order to get released from the emotional pain and scars I carried with me for much of this lifetime.  By going into “my story”, the “Mystery” unfolds.  I do not tell the story for people to feel sorry for me rather I tell it for awareness.  If I do not get stuck in my story, I am able to let go of past negative and limiting feelings and hold to the Truth of Who I Really Am.  Doing this allows me to transcend the trauma and drama of what went before and to focus more and more on being in the NOW.

I discovered that by being grateful for the many blessings present in other areas of my life, the charge around the negative situation diminished.  I am thankful for the lessons I received, which include a greater understanding of life and increased knowledge of my higher purpose.  Forgiveness promotes healing and our return to Wholeness and Oneness.  More about this in my book …

Through the years I have gained wisdom, insights, and tools that continue to help me overcome issues of low self-esteem and lack of confidence – tools that assist in a healthy balancing of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.  I am called to serve and assist others in expressing this balance in their lives which shows up as the energy of wholeness, happiness, peace and freedom, to name a few.

I am so appreciative of the loving support that has been given to me over the years.  Love is the Powerful Healer and Transformer!

To learn more about the healing process I use, click on the link to the vibrational healing section on my website to find out about AAA Healing.