Linda Roebuck, M.A., N.C.C.,
Transformational Author, Teacher and Spiritual Mentor

I am excited to share with you “Circular Leadership: Together We Rise”! This best selling collaborative book was written by 19 authors who have been part of the board of directors of A Community of Transformation (ACT) over that past two decades. It describes a new vision and a new paradigm for leadership in these changing times.

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I am also happy to let you know about my Best Selling collaborative book, Pebbles in the Pond, Wave 5! You may review and purchase it here: www.PebblesBook.com

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Linda Roebuck touches hearts and empowers others to be more than they ever imagined they could be. This is her service. She lovingly creates a sacred, safe space for transformation to occur. She is a gifted spiritual mentor, catalyst for change and facilitator of remembering ancient knowledge.

Linda’s background includes a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, leadership and supervisory positions in the Maryland State Department of Education as well as coordination of a statewide training program. After 25 years in the education field, Linda felt a strong yearning to fulfill a greater purpose in life. She became a certified coach with Success Unlimited Network, a teaching Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master and an ordained priestess in the Order of Melchizedek. To further fulfill her mission she founded A Community of Transformation (ACT), a non-profit organization focused on Holistic Health, Healing Arts, and Research.

The operational principles, processes and practices of the governing board of ACT became the basis for her anthology, Circular Leadership – Together We Rise. Linda now holds the vision of a global movement of Circular Leadership that has already begun!

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Spiritual Alchemy is about personal illumination and self transformation. Similar to the ancient science of turning lead into gold, Spiritual Alchemy uses techniques, (i.e., sound, Sacred Geometry, meditation, oils, movement, etc.) to transmute lesser light energies and vibrational frequencies such as feelings of disconnection, disillusionment, lethargy, loneliness, etc., into positive energies of joy, love, hope, faith, and more. Join in the joy of being with others as we work with ageless and innovative methods to raise both individual and group vibrational frequencies for the benefit of all.

“In 1995, I had a spiritual experience that transformed my life. it seemed to have come in an instant, yet in retrospect I realized that I had been going through many changes that led up to this awakening, this releasing, this birthing. I was open, ready and willing to step into new territory.”

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Linda Roebuck had a vision. To create a center devoted to spiritual healing, holistic health, education and research in the Annapolis area. Her efforts brought 100 like-minded people together in February 2001. A Center of Transformation was born (ACT) and continues to grow and serve the community. Visit the web site: www.actannapolis.org to learn more about the organization and the upcoming events.